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GPS L1+L2 Patch Stacked Antenna
Product Description
♦GPS L1+L2 Patch Stacked Antenna

  1. Frequency: L1: 1575.42  MHz   /   L2: 1227.60 MHz
  2. Dimension: 47.5mm*47.5mm*4mm
  3. Return Loss: L1: <-10db span="" style="font-size: large;" data-mce-style="font-size: large;">L2: <-10dB
  4. Gain at Zenith: L1: +4.0dB   /   L2: +1.0dB
  5. Polarization: Linear
  6. Impedance: 50Ω
  7. Operating temperature: -40 to 105°C

♦Compliant with ROHS directive
♦ISO:9001 & ISO:14001

The antenna has been designed for dual band operation at the GPS L1 and GPS L2 bands and size reduction for both the stacked patches is achieved